Knoydart Day 3

Date: 24/05/2005
Height: 1003m
Distance: Unknown
Grid: NM96509800 (Sgurr Mor)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Mix of sunny and overcast, but hot

This was the last day of our 3 day Knoydart Canoe trip.


We packed up the campsite at the head of Loch Quioch and canoed for around 3 or 4 minutes to a small inlet and path. We then followed this path for a short distance before heading off South / South East directly to the bealach and then followed the path to the summit.

We took the same route in reverse for the descent, and then completed the rest of the canoe out.

Excellent weather for canoeing – loch was like a sheet of glass, very calm and still. A great day, to end a great trip.

Knoydart Day 2

Date: 23/05/2005
Height: Unknown
Distance: Unknown
Grid: NM93309580 (Sgurr nan Coireachan), NM90209660 (Sgurr na Ciche), NM90909610 (Garbh Chioch Mhor)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Overcast and wet all day

This was the second day of our 3 day Knoydart Canoe trip. We had canoed in and set up camp at the head of Loch Quioch.


A slightly earlier start on this day, would have been earlier if we had not hung around waiting for the rain to ease off (which it never did !).

We headed South following the path to the bealach. We found a nice little howff on the way and stopped for a few minutes to make a brew. From the bealach we nipped directly up to the summit of Sgurr na Ciche. From this summit we headed on to Garbh Chioch Mor. There was snow on the ground here and it was snowing on the tops by now.

The last summit of the day was next, following the path to the summit of Sgurr nan Coireachan. From here the descent route took us North along the ridge and then West, descending into the glen and finally following the path back to the campsite.

Knoydart Day 1

Date: 22/05/2005
Height: 1700m
Distance: 25 Km
Grid: NG86700080 (Luinne Bheinn), NM84909900 (Meall Buidhe)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Started sunny but became overcast and wet later

This was the first day of our 3 day Knoydart Canoe trip. We had canoed in the previous evening and set up camp at the head of Loch Quioch.IMG_0936

Get got a fairly late start – around 11:30 – and we followed the path up the glen to the bealach and then headed up the SE shoulder to the summit of Luinne Bheinn.

From here we headed SW along the ridge to Meall Buidhe. From this summit we retraced our steps back towards Luinne Bheinn (stopping for a brew and a bit of “bare feet time”).

It was around 10pm by the time we returned to the campsite, just as last light was fading. A pretty exhausting day all in all.

3 Day Canoe Trip to Knoydart

IMG_0938This was trip that had been in the back of my mind for a number of years, adding a bit of adventure and variety to a multi day walking trip.

Find a loch or river somewhere, canoe up/down it with all our gear, camp out where we had canoed to and then, using the camp as a base, do single day walks.

Neither of us had canoed much before, I’d done a few days here and there in the Army, I don’t think Dougie had done any.

Anyway, I had found a Canadian canoe for sale in Felixstowe and had picked it up while on a customer site up in the Ipswich area.

We spent a good few hours planning things over the phone, Dougie had bought the life vests and made himself a paddle (the canoe had only come with one), we worked out the food, fuel and kit, what walks we’d do and scheduled some tentative dates.

Saturday 21st May 2005 was the day we were meeting up in Scotland, and we had a week of walking in front of us, three days of which were to be the canoe trip.

I drove up after work on the Friday evening, getting to Crianlarich Youth Hostel very late, we met up on the Saturday and, after stopping from breakfast and a wander around Fort William picking up last minute provisions, we drove on up to the North side of Loch Quoich.

We parked in a small layby, where there were a bunch of fishermen tenting, unloaded the canoe and carried it down to the edge of the loch. As we were loading our kit up, one of the fishermen was telling us how the week before they had watch a couple of guys doing the same as us and when they got 50 feet out they had capsized and had to dive to to the bottom to retrieve it – nothing like a bit of pressure for two amateur canoeists !!

It was a beautifully still evening and we left around 4pm and it took us around 2 hours to paddle the 8Km to the end of the loch where we dragged the canoe ashore and set up camp.
As the canoe was pretty large, we had taken a good amount of kit – the kind of luxuries a normal walking trip would not have allowed us – things like camp chairs, two tents, a small table and the like.
All this made for a very comfortable camp.

We then met another group of 5 who had come in a couple days previously on Sea Canoes and had done this for the past few years, each time bringing in bags coal – so we joined them for a couple of beers and sat around their blazing open coal fire well into the evening.



The next day, we had a late start (around 11:30) and headed West to the munros of Luinne Bheinn and Meall Buidhe, this was a long day, wet in the afternoon and it was 10pm before we returned to the camp. Read the day 1 trip report here…

The second day we did the three munros (Sgurr na Ciche, Garbh Chioch Mhor and Sgurr nan Coireachan)to the South of the camp, again in a wet, cloudy day. Read the day 2 trip report here…

On the final day we canoed a little way back up the loch, dragged the canoe ashore and then did Sgurr Mor. When we finished it we jumped back in the canoe and paddled back to the car at the head of the loch – the loch was like a mirror, completely calm, no wind and excellent weather for paddling. Read the day 3 trip report here…

Without question, one of the best trips we’ve had.

Aonach Eagach Ridge – Second time

Date: 06/12/2003
Height: No record
Distance: No record
Grid: NN16105840 (Meall Dearg), NN14105830 (Sgorr nam Fiannaidh)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Good, mostly clear with a bit of misty cloud

This was a great day.

A very hard climb initially to the first summit Meall Dearg, but thereafter the ridge get more interesting with some exposed scrambling and airy traverses.

IMG_0083 IMG_0084 IMG_0085 IMG_0088 IMG_0089 IMG_0091 IMG_0092 IMG_0093 IMG_0094

The Five Sisters of Kintail

Date: 14/05/2004
Height: 1527m
Distance: 16 Km
Grid: NG98401490 (Sgurr na Ciste Duibh), NG97801670 (Sgurr Fhuaran), NG97701590 (Sgurr na Carnach)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Downright miserable. Heavy rain, wind and completely clagged in.

Left the car at Glen Sheil battle site car park, headed through an old (felled) forest for 200 – 300m then contoured West and up onto the shoulder and on to the ridge. Almost turned back after 30 minutes as the weather was so bad – wind, sheet rain…

The ridge looks like it would be good in better weather, as there were 1000ft drops in places – very spectacular.

Followed the ridge over the munros and the route off the final munro was not very good (due to our route finding I think). We contoured around the South of the ridge a bit before dropping down and coming out at the bridge over the river just at Sheil Garage.

Pitched the tent, got changed and headed to the Cluanie Inn for a well deserved meal and pint.

North side of Glen Sheil

Date: 27/05/2005
Height: No record
Distance: 15 Km
Grid: NH03501430 (Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dh), NH06201660 (Ciste Dhubh), NH01801480 (Saileag), NH04901370 (Aonach Meadhoin)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Overcast, but all the tops were clear.

This is the 4 munros  on the North side of Glen Sheil, to the West of the path to Glen Affric.

We started by following the path that goes to Glen Affric, from Glen Sheil, for about 3 or 4 Km, then we struck directly towards Bealach a’Choinich and then North to the summit.
On the summit we had excellent views of all the surrounding tops – the Five Sisters and Ben Attow.

We then headed back to the bealach and on towards Aonach Meadhoin. This was directly up steep slopes to meet a fairly good path halfway up that lead us to the summit.

Continued on the path to the summit of Sgurr a’Bhealaich Dheirg where we stopped for lunch. Again, excellent views all around and down into a very rugged looking corrie.

The path then took us on to the final summit of the day, Saileag.

To descend we headed back to the bealach and then down very steeply to the road.

The Forcan Ridge

Date: 30/05/1999
Height: No record
Distance: No record
Grid: NG94601130 (Sgurr na Sgine), NG93601310 (The Saddle)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Very sunny day, completely clear skies

From Glen Sheil, we followed the path to the foot of the Forcan Ridge. Scrambled up the ridge, keeping to the ridge, proper, all the way.

Excellent scramble, exciting and ‘airy’ in places.

At the summit of The Saddle, we debated whether to continue on to Sgurr na Sgine or not (don’t recall why ?). Anyway, we continued on to it, it was a bit tough going but well worth it.

Descended steeply to the same route off the South Glen Sheil Ridge route we had done the day prior.

Excellent day, glorious weather.

South Glen Sheil Ridge

Date: 29/05/1999
Height: No record
Distance: 18 Km
Grid: NH07400850 (Druim Shionnach), NH01500990 (Sgurr an Doire Leathain), NG98301120 (Creag nan Damh), NH03200880 (Maol Chinn-dearg), NH00501040 (Sgurr an Lochain), NH08800780 (Creag a'Mhaim), NH05100830 (Aonach air Chrith)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Very poor, reduced visibility, rain and cloud.

This was a long, tiring day. Clagged in all day with next to no visibility. That said, it was excellent all the same.

Parked car at Cluanie Inn and followed a steep, open hillside route to the ridge, and then followed this ridge taking in :-

From the final summit we continued along the ridge a bit further to the bealach where the descent begins. Descended down into Glen Sheil to the road.

Walked 2 miles back along the road to the Cluanie Inn.

The Fannichs and reaching halfway.

Date: 24/06/2006 - 25/06/2006
Height: No record
Distance: No record
Grid: NH22106960 (Meall Gorm), NH24106800 (An Coileachan), NH18407150 (Sgurr nan Clach Geal), NH20307180 (Sgurr Mor), NH21907240 (Beinn Liath Mhor Fan), NH15807110 (Sgurr Breac), NH18407330 (Meall a'Chrasgaidh), NH13607140 (A'Chailleach), NH18406970 (Sgurr nan Each)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: No record

Well, I finally reached the halfway point (in fact I passed it by one) of "munrobagging" (reaching the summit of all 284 of Scotland's munros - mountains over 3000ft).

I left work in Reading, UK at 6pm on Thursday night, drove until 1:30am when I reached Crianlarich Youth Hostel and met my brother Dougie (needed him to open the Hostel front door as they shut and lock them at 11:30pm.

ASIDE: Youth Hostels are a fantastic way to experience Scotland, a bargain at around £11 - £13 per night (per person), hot water, extensive cooking facilities, warm bed - everything you need. Much more comfortable than our old method of 'tent' which now has comparable costs in many places

Anyway, back the trip report...

We stayed at Ullapool Youth Hostel on Friday night. Saturday morning we got a nice early start and drove South, dropping a car off at the bend in the Wester Ross coastal road from Garvie (GR-NH161760) - there is a fairly big (10 car) parking area just on the roadside on this bend. We jumped in the other car and headed further South (and then West) to Grudie where we left the car by the Picnic area about 100M East of Grudie Hydro Electric Power Station (GR-NH313624).
The road to Fannich Lodge was unlocked and we could have driven up it, but we didn't know if it might be locked the next day when we eventually returned for the car - best not risk it....

So, we set off at 9:30am and walked the 7.5Km from Grudie on the Fannich Lodge road to the head of the dam at Loch Fannich - this is actually a pleasant walk and a good warm up for the day.
From the track we simply headed up the hillside onto the obvious knoll and then kind of contoured around and up onto the ridge to get an easy route to the summit of NH24106800 (An Coileachan). This summit was in cloud unfortunately.
On and over to the next munro NH22106960 (Meall Gorm) and a bite to eat for lunch. From there there is a small top on the ridge, the cloud cleared and the views from the ridge for pretty much the rest of the day were fantastic - Corries, Lochan, steep drops, wilderness, deer, it had everything !!

The next munro on the ridge is NH20307180 (Sgurr Mor) with a bit of a pointed summit, but to the East of this, out on a ridge lies NH21907240 (Beinn Liath Mhor Fannich), also a munro (so it has to be bagged).
To do this, we contoured on a (slight) path about 100M below the summit of Sgurr Mor (1110M), got onto the East ridge, dropped our rucksacks and nipped out and back.
There is a small Howff by the path (GR-NH207716) - stone built, completely enclosed - looks like someone put a fair bit of work into it, probably only fits two people sitting up.

Coming back along the East ridge, we picked up our sacks and climbed to the summit of NH20307180 (Sgurr Mor). Again, incredible views from here, we could almost see the car we'd left at the Northern point, Loch Fannich to the South and the whole ridgeline in between.
We had planned to nab the most Northern munro on the ridge on the first day, but by this stage we were getting a bit tired and so decide to head straight to our overnight camp spot by the small Lochan (GR-NH189721). This turned out to be a great spot, we set up the tent, got our sleeping mats and bags out, dived in and got some soup on (We always go for Baxters Crofters Thick Vegetable).
Had the weather held, we would have nipped out to NH18407330 (Meall a'Chrasgaidh) after our soup, but as it turned out it started heaving it down with rain so we snoozed instead.

Before we knew it it was 10:05pm, we forced ourselves away and put on evening meal (Spaghetti, Chicken and a Tomato Sauce) - this turned into a disaster (see next post)

Anyway, back to sleep and an early start the next morning (6:30am), jumped out of our sleeping bags and nipped out to NH18407330 (Meall a'Chrasgaidh), nabbed it and back to the tent for an hour long leisurely breakfast (1 munro bagged before 8am, not bad going)
After breakfast we packed up the tent etc and climbed the formidable looking (from our campsite) NH18407150 (Sgurr nan Clach Geal) - it turned out to be much easier than we expected, topped out, nice views of our planned route for the day and the whole area around us. headed South on the ridge to the low point (dropped our rucksacks) and then continued on to bag NH18406970 (Sgurr nan Each). After this it was back to the sacks and then off the low point of the ridge to the bealach on the track from Loch Fannich to the boathouse at the head of Loch a' Bhraoin (GR-NH174705) at an altitude of 500M, meaning another 500M climb the other side.

From this bealach it was heads down and into the climb, after a short time I was surprised to see the summit of NH15807110 (Sgurr Breac) coming up (again much easier than I had anticipated). It was a bit of a relief getting to this summit as it was the penultimate and the last real big climb of the day. It was also the mid way point for me in terms of munros bagged (142)

If I remember correctly it was in a bit of cloud and there wasn't a great deal of visibility at this stage so we carried on to a lower top, Toman Coinnich (935MGR-NH149713) between this and it's Westerly neighbour. Here we left the sacks and nipped up to bag the last of our 9 Munros, NH13607140 (A'Chailleach). Quickly, we hurried back to the sacks and then off on the ridge to the North.
This is a nice wide ridge with a somewhat faint path, we followed this and were getting a bit sceptical as it seemed to head directly over the edge of the ridge into what was marked on the map as crags - however when we got there the path became more pronounced and picked it's way through the crag and down the hillside to a small (rickety) bridge at the head of the Loch. Cross the bridge (GR-NH159750), follow the track past the boathouse and on to the road and that was us - back at the car.

Day one started at 9:30am and we got to the mid camp at around 6pm (at a fairly leisurely pace)
Day two started at 6:30am and we completed it at around 3:15pm (including about an hour or so at the camp for breakfast)

Here's a Google Earth view of the area we covered.

All in all this was a successful trip, very enjoyable, strenuous but not over taxing. Enough distance and climbing to make it challenging but not so much that we didn't get to savour the surroundings.

Creag Meagaidh Circuit

Date: 21/06/2008
Height: 1372m
Distance: 25 Km
Grid: NN41808750 (Creag Meagaidh), NN47209030 (Carn Liath), NN42908890 (Stob Poite Coire Ardair)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Excellent sunny day

Left the car at the car park and followed the path to below the ridge low point. Headed directly up heathery slopes (very tough going) and we eventually found a path that had come from the main path we had taken earlier (we shouldn’t have missed it).

We continued on this path following the ridge to Carn Liath then, again, following the ridge we carried on round to the summit of Stob Poite Coire Ardair.

From there we descended to the bealach and back up, past the ‘Mad Meg’ cairn, on to the summit of Creag Meagaidh.

To descend we traced our steps back to the bealach and then steeply down to the lochan and from there followed the path all the way back to the car park.

Very good day out.

Beinn a'Chaorainn and Beinn Teallach

Date: 20/11/2007
Height: 1150m
Distance: 17 Km
Grid: NN36108600 (Beinn Teallach), NN38608510 (Beinn a'Chaorainn)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Drizzly patches with light snow on the tops and cloud.

This was a quick day – a 9:45 start and off by 3:10.

Starting from Roughburn we followed the forestry track to a junction where we turned left for a few metres and then headed North through a wooded area. Next we headed across the hillside to some crags and from there, up across the hillside. There was snow on the ground from around 900m and it was lightly snowing as we hit the ridge that lead to the summit of Beinn a’Chaorainn.

We continued over the summit in thick cloud and descended the other side where we came out of the cloud at around 800m and carried on to the bealach (and cairn). then headed steeply up onto the ridge which we followed South to the summit of Beinn Teallach.

the route off was to continue over the summit for about 2 Km and then head down to the Allt a’Chaorainn where we picked up the stalkers (quad bike) track back to the forestry track and back to the car.

An excellent day, but we need to focus more on route finding when clagged in.

Carn Sgulain, A'Chailleach and Carn Dearg

Date: 22/06/2008
Height: 838m
Distance: 24 Km
Grid: NH68100420 (A'Chailleach), NH68400590 (Carn Sgulain), NH63500240 (Carn Dearg)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Cloudy, raining with poor visibility

From the car park on the road, we followed the track over the rickety old footbridge and then along the path to a small hut where we stopped for a brew. The weather was pretty poor at this stage and another party in the hut were turning back.

After a quick brew we headed across the open hillside to the summit of A’Chailleach. From this summit there was some tricky route finding (in the poor weather) as we descended into the glen and then Northwards to the summit of Carn Sgulain.

The route from the summit of Carn Sgulain was to follow a line of fence posts over Carn Ban and then on to the summit of Carn Dearg.

To return we descended South and then South East and then followed the river to Dallballoch and then a good path / track back to the car.

Given the weather the day could have been better – bit of a trudge all in all.

Glas Maol and Creag Leacach

Date: 28/12/1999
Height: 1000 m
Distance: 6 miles
Grid: NO16607650 (Glas Maol), NO15507450 (Creag Leacach)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Cold but clear day with full snow cover

From the Cairnwell car park we headed down the road for 2 Km then followed the stream and then the North ridge and so the summit.

We left Creag Leacach and headed along the ridge to Glas Maol, following the wall. There were very strong winds blowing loose up.

On reaching Glas Maol it was almost whiteout conditions, we could not see more than about 20 metres and could not make out any terrain. It required accurate map and compass navigation to find the summit trig point.

Although we had planned to do all six munros in this area, we decided to cut things short and walked off following the ski runs / lifts.

Glas Tulaichean

Date: 14/06/2003
Height: 1400m
Distance: 25 Km
Grid: NO05107600 (Glas Tulaichean)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Nice summers day, good visibility

This was part of the 2003 ‘Spittal o Glenshee’  Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon (LAMM).

From ‘Spittal o Glenshee’, through the farm and followed the track to the bridge. Then ascended onto the ridge and over the top at 824m From there, there was a track to the summit.

Descent was West and North West onto the track and then headed over towards Glen Atholl for the overnight camp.

An excellent day out – 25Km and 1400m in 6 hours 15.

Drumochter Mountains - The Last Two

Date: 23/06/2008
Height: 610m
Distance: 13 Km
Grid: NN67708220 (Carn na Caim), NN66107760 (A'Bhuidheanach Bheag)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Sunny, but with a couple of short showers

From the car park at Balsporran Cottages we headed over a heathery ridge to the river and then steeply up the hillside to the summit of A'Bhuidheanach Bheag.

Then headed North to a small bealach and found a large track which followed a very wide ridge to the summit. We then headed back along this path to a disused quarry and down the track there.

Changed into running shoes on track and ran back to car then headed back to pick up Dougie.

This was a short, quick day, as I was driving back to Newbury in the afternoon.

Drumochter Mountains - Day 1

Date: 16/05/2004
Height: 1143m
Distance: 21 Km
Grid: NN57907400 (Beinn Udlamain), NN60407630 (A'Mharconaich), NN59907130 (Sgairneach Mhor), NN59707830 (Geal-charn)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Very sunny, no clouds but a little breezy

This was a great day out, taking in 4 munros.

We started late (around noon) from the Balsporran Cottages, following a well trodden path to rocky summits. The terrain was not too bad in terms of ascent but there were rocky descents which made it hard going.


Train and Munros East of Loch Treig

Date: 24/08/2009
Height: 1200m
Distance: 22 Km
Grid: NN37707410 (Chno Dearg), NN37606960 (Beinn na Lap), NN35607440 (Stob Coire Sgriodain)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: High cloud, but sunny periods throughout the day

Parked the car in a layby at the junction of the road to Fersit and the main road, and walked from here to Tulloch Station – midges were horrendous.

Took the train to Corrour, where we then headed towards the Youth Hostel. This was along a construction path for a few Km. Before getting to the YH we headed North East and up the slopes of Beinn na Lap. As we were starting from 400m this was a pull up a reasonable slope all the way to the summit ridge and then to the summit. There was a well defined path the whole way.

From there we descended North West right into the glen and then started up towards Chno Dearg. After crossing a small stream in the base of the glen it was then directly up the hillside. This was a bit of a slog, but eventually took us to the ridge to Meall Garbh, from where we then descended to the bealach and then climbed directly to the summit.

From the top of Chno Dearg we went South West to the bealach and then North West on to the broad summit ridge leading towards Stob Coire Sgiodain, the final munro of the day. There were a number of rocky steps to get over, but we got to the top.

The route off continued on the ridge and some difficult route/path finding to descend. Various vague paths came and went, but we basically followed the river all the way back to Fersit. From there it was another 2.5 miles along the Fersit road back to the car.

A long excellent day, taking in three munros.

The Grey Corries

Date: 13/07/2001
Height: 2500m
Distance: 19 miles
Grid: NN24007250 (Stob Coire an Laoigh), NN26207390 (Stob Choire Claurigh), NN26607240 (Stob Ban), NN22707140 (Sgurr Choinnich Mor), NN19307300 (Aonach Mor), NN19607150 (Aonach Beag)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Cloudy but dry most of the day

From the Polldubh car park we followed the path by the river to the bridge at Steall ruin and then followed the river North wards up to the bealach and on up from there.

We left our rucksacks when we reached the ridge and headed for the top of Aonach Mor. Then turned back, headed back to pick up the rucksacks and onwards along the ridge to the very rocky summit.

We continued over and on to Stob Coire Bhealaich – this was very rocky and took some considerable time to descend. From here we continued on the rocky path over Sgurr Choinnich Beag and on to the summit of Sgurr Choinnich Mor.

From this munro we headed along the ridge to the summit of Stob Coire an Laoigh then a long way down to the bealach and lochan and back up to Stob Ban the final munro of the day.

This was a very long (10.5 hours), strenuous and tiring day taking in 6 munros. We came of Stob Ban and headed to the hut / bothy at MMMMMMMM for an overnight stop. We had also planned to take in the Mamores on the second day but decided it was too much, so just walked out along the base of the glen back to the end of Glen Nevis.

Excellent trip.

Ben Nevis

Date: 17/10/1992
Height: 1344m
Distance: No record
Grid: NN16607130 (Ben Nevis)
Companions: Paul Irwin (an attempt at the three peaks in 24 hours)
Weather: Cold, cloudy, very windy and snowing on the top.

We started from Glen Nevis (Nevis House), headed across the footbridge and up the path onto the tourist / observatory route. We followed this past long snakes of tourists being ‘guided’.

There was snow on the ground from about 700m and it was probably a foot deep for the last 200 meters or so. making progress pretty slow.

No view from the summit as it was completely clagged in, so we took a little refuge in the shelter for 10 minutes or so.

We then set off down at a run, ran 90% of the way down. Ascent took 2:58, descent took only 1:22, totalling 4:20.

A good day but I’d like to do it again to take in the surroundings a bit more !!

West End of Mamores

Date: 26/05/2005
Height: No record
Distance: No record
Grid: NN14806540 (Stob Ban), NN17606510 (Am Bodach), NN12206620 (Mullach nan Coirean), NN16506670 (Sgurr a'Mhaim)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Wet and Cloudy

From the bridge car park in Glen Nevis we headed directly up Sgurr a’Mhaim – this was a long and arduous climb up steep hillside.

From the summit of Sgurr a’ Mhaim we went along the devils Ridge to Sgor an Iubhair then headed East to Am Bodach. Next was a route back along the traversing path and over this to the summit of Stob Ban. However we got a little misplaced in the mist and ended up back on the summit of Iubhair before realising what had happened and getting back on track to the summit of Stob Ban.

We left this summit and continued along the ridge to the summit of Mullach nan Coirean.

The descent was fairly direct, with a path most of the way, however it was very boggy.

The Ring of Steall

Date: 19/05/1992
Height: 1400m
Distance: 10.5 miles
Grid: NN17606510 (Am Bodach), NN16506670 (Sgurr a'Mhaim), NN18506610 (Stob Coire a'Chairn), NN18806700 (An Gearanach)
Companions: None
Weather: Beautiful weather, hot and sunny

This was my first real walk as part of my ‘munro bagging’ – on my own, on leave from the army. I was camped around the car park at the end of Glen Nevis (you could in those days) – got a very early start and I remember having a bum bag thing that converted to a day sack, but the straps were very thin and cut right into my shoulders.

From the car park I followed the path alongside the River of Nevis to the Steall Hut – across a three strand wire bridge and followed the stalkers path to the top (lost the path around GR 192676).

At the summit (by around 8am) I continued on towards Stob Coire a’Chairn – this was a path along a pretty sharp ridge over the ‘top’ of An Garbhanach. A very steep climb then to the top of Stob Coire a’Chairn.

From here, again I followed the well trodden path via a bit of a strenuous scramble up to the summit of Am Bodach. On the descent from this I lost the path a bit, but then got bearings and it turned into a pleasant walk along the ridge to the summit of Sgor an Iubhair (which was a munro at the time, but then demoted to a top in 1997).

From here it is a scramble / careful walk along the Devil’s Ridge – quite exposed and pretty thin in places. This lead to the final summit of the day Sgurr a’Mhaim.

The descent follows a path to Sron Sgurr Mhaim then North East / North to the footbridge and back along the road to the car park again.

Very enjoyable day, strenuous but definitely recommended as a great day out for those just starting ‘munro bagging’ – 4 munros and some of the most excellent views anywhere.

The Mamores - Day 2

Date: 24/08/2003
Height: 1100m
Distance: No record
Grid: NN18506610 (Stob Coire a'Chairn), NN21206630 (Binnein Mor), NN20306520 (Na Gruagaichean), NN18806700 (An Gearanach)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Excellent - very sunny and clear

This is the second part of a 2 day trip in the Mamores. The first day is recorded here : The Mamores – Day 1.

After an overnight camp at Coire an Lochan, we awoke to excellent weather, but millions of midges. It took us a fair while to pluck up the courage to take down the tent and get started for the day…

We followed the stalkers path to the Southern top where we dropped our rucksacks and walked North to get to the summit of Binnein Mor. Although the weather was good, this top was covered in morning mist. We headed back down, picked up the rucksacks and then back over the Southern top and after a bit of a slog got to the summit of Na Gruagaichean to be rewarded with incredible views.

From this summit we continued on to Stob Coire a’Chairn and then on again to An Gearanach.

We descended by following the stalkers path and eventually back to Glen Nevis car park.

The Mamores - Day 1

Date: 23/08/2003
Height: 1100m
Distance: No record
Grid: NN23106580 (Sgurr Eilde Mor), NN22206770 (Binnein Beag)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Excellent - very sunny, mild evening

Drove up to Scotland (from Newbury) after work on a Friday. Picked up Dougie on the Saturday morning and drove to Glen Nevis.

Left Glen Nevis car park at 16:00 and walked along the path through Glen Nevis towards Tom an Elite. Branched off and headed for the hut area (bealach) between Binnein Mor and Binnein Beag.

When we got there we left our sacks and climbed to the summit of Binnein Beag. Spent 30 minutes admiring the incredible view – we could see every ‘top’ for miles in all directions.

Headed back following the stalkers path to Coire an Lochan where we arrived at 20:00. As it was still very light we decided to head to the summit which only took around 30 minutes. Again, we spent 30 minutes admiring the view before heading back to the Coire for a wild camp.

The campsite was a fantastic setting, by a small lochan, only let down by horrendous midges in the morning. Fully clothed, all skin covered, midge nets on while we packed up the tent in the morning.

The next day was '’The Mamores – Day 2’

Ballachulish Horseshoe

Date: 21/05/2007
Height: 1100m
Distance: 15.5 Km
Grid: NN04005550 (Sgorr Dhonuill), NN05605580 (Sgorr Dhearg)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Good weather but cloudy on tops

From the car park we followed the forestry tracks to the top of the gorge. Then followed path through wooded area and came out just above the trees on the hillside. A good path then leads to the bealach at the head of the corrie.

This path provided a very pleasant walk even though it was a little well due to recent rain.

From the bealach we just ascended steeply to the summit of Sgorr Dhonuill and then nipped back and up to the summit of Sgorr Dhearg.

On the descent we certainly caught the better of the days weather.

Bidean nam Bian and Stob Coire Sgreamhach

Date: 30/10/2004
Height: 1090m
Distance: 12 Km
Grid: NN15505360 (Stob Coire Sgreamhach), NN14305420 (Bidean nam Bian)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Warm but cloudy, with the sun trying to break through.

From the car park in Glencoe we headed up the wide re-entrant, following a well defined path. At the top of this is the ‘Hidden Valley’, an amazing, peaceful spot.

We got onto the ridge and ascended to the first ‘top’, walked over this and on to the summit of Bidean nam Bian. From here we went South East following the path to the summit of Stob Coire Sgreamhach.

To descend we headed back to the bealach and steeply down.

A very good day, 6 hours in total. Afterwards we headed back to the Youth Hostel to plan the Knoydart Canoe trip.