Ben Nevis

Date: 17/10/1992
Height: 1344m
Distance: No record
Grid: NN16607130 (Ben Nevis)
Companions: Paul Irwin (an attempt at the three peaks in 24 hours)
Weather: Cold, cloudy, very windy and snowing on the top.

We started from Glen Nevis (Nevis House), headed across the footbridge and up the path onto the tourist / observatory route. We followed this past long snakes of tourists being ‘guided’.

There was snow on the ground from about 700m and it was probably a foot deep for the last 200 meters or so. making progress pretty slow.

No view from the summit as it was completely clagged in, so we took a little refuge in the shelter for 10 minutes or so.

We then set off down at a run, ran 90% of the way down. Ascent took 2:58, descent took only 1:22, totalling 4:20.

A good day but I’d like to do it again to take in the surroundings a bit more !!

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