The Forcan Ridge

Date: 30/05/1999
Height: No record
Distance: No record
Grid: NG94601130 (Sgurr na Sgine), NG93601310 (The Saddle)
Companions: Dougie
Weather: Very sunny day, completely clear skies

From Glen Sheil, we followed the path to the foot of the Forcan Ridge. Scrambled up the ridge, keeping to the ridge, proper, all the way.

Excellent scramble, exciting and ‘airy’ in places.

At the summit of The Saddle, we debated whether to continue on to Sgurr na Sgine or not (don’t recall why ?). Anyway, we continued on to it, it was a bit tough going but well worth it.

Descended steeply to the same route off the South Glen Sheil Ridge route we had done the day prior.

Excellent day, glorious weather.

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